Giving online is easy and allows you to set up automatic recurring contributions and view your complete online giving history from anywhere you have access to the internet.

Give your tithes and offerings securely either online or by text through your mobile device. It's simple, secure and best of all, only requires a few minutes to complete.

Go to Giving for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of online giving?

It makes it easy to fulfill stewardship commitments, even when you can't attend church. You never have to bring cash or checks to church.

Do I have to be a member to contribute to CBC?

No.  You can contribute as a guest by going directly to Online Giving here.

Is online giving secure?

Yes, all account information you enter is secure. All information is encrypted with 256 bit SSL encryption. SSL is an acronym for "Secure Socket Layer", a security protocol that provides communications privacy over the internet. It is the same technology used by banks and e-commerce companies such as to keep your information safe and secure during transactions.

Can anyone view my giving record?

Giving records are only available to the member, Church Secretary and Church Clerk.

Can my spouse view family giving records?

A member who wants their spouse to be able to access family giving records may request that option through the church office.

Are there any hidden charges or fees?

Standard text message rates may apply if you give by text.  The church pays a standard fee to the banking institution for contributions made by debit or credit card and a nominal fee for contributions made by electronic check.

Can I designate my gift to a particular department or ministry?

You can only give to Tithes & Offerings through the guest Online Giving link.  If using the TEXT option or giving directly in Realm, you can designate either Tithes & Offerings or the Building Fund.  Additional giving categories are added as needed.

When is the contribution charged to my checking account or credit card?

Transactions usually take 2-5 business days, so contributions scheduled on Friday through Sunday may not show up on your account until early the following week.

When does my contribution show up in my giving record in Realm?

Usually on the day the contribution is made, but if you give on a Saturday, Sunday, or Federal Holiday, the contribution will show up on the next business day.  This could result in the contribution showing up in a different month or year.

Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

Contact the church office with questions, either by phone at (512) 303-1697 or by External link opens in new tab or windowemail.

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