We are so glad you are interested in becoming a member of Calvary Baptist Church.

To begin this process, all potential members are required to complete

ON-RAMP Step 1 - About Calvary.


This can be done one of three ways:

1) Attend an ON-RAMP Dinner

ON-RAMP Dinners are offered quarterly and cover the Four ON-RAMP Steps. ON-RAMP Dinners are free and childcare is provided, but pre-registration is required. Learn more about On-RAMP Dinners here or contact the CBC office for information on the next available ON-RAMP Dinner.

2) One-On-One Meeting
If none of the scheduled times are convenient, you can arrange a time to meet with one of our facilitators. Simply contact the CBC office to arrange a One-On-One meeting.

3) Self-Directed Online class
While we do recommend taking ON-RAMP in person, we do offer Step 1 - About Calvary information in a self-directed online format. If you are already familiar with Calvary and don’t anticipate any questions or clarifications, you can complete ON-RAMP Step 1 - About Calvary online by following the directions below.

Self-Directed Online Option

While we recommend taking ON-RAMP Step 1 - About Calvary in person, please use the following steps for our self-directed online option:

1) Each participant will need an ON-RAMP booklet.

You can pick one up from the CBC office, request it be mailed to you, or download and print a PDF file of External link opens in new tab or windowON-RAMP Step 1: About Calvary here.

2) Watch the ON-RAMP Step 1 - ABOUT CALVARY video here.

This is a 30-minute video that will walk you through the booklet and must be watched in its entirety.

On-Ramp Step One from Calvary Baptist Church Bastrop on Vimeo.

3) Questions and Clarifications.

If you have any questions or need any clarifications related to any of the topics covered in the video, contact the CBC office and one of our facilitators will get in touch with you.

4) Download and complete the ON-RAMP Step 1 Card.

  1. Download the External link opens in new tab or windowStep 1 Card here.
  2. Print the card and complete it in its entirety.
  3. Drop off, mail, or email the card to the CBC office.
We will confirm receiving your card - if you don't receive confirmation from us within one week, please contact the CBC office.

If you have any questions during any step of the process, please contact the office.

CBC Office:

Phone:   512.303.1697

Email:    [email protected]

Post:      Calvary Baptist Church, P.O. Box 340, Bastrop, TX 78602